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Logo RedmineA nova versão estável (2.0.2) da ferramenta de apoio a gestão de projetos Redmine traz sua base atualizada para o framework Ruby on Rails 3.2.5 que contém importantes correções de segurança, além de outras cinco correções a ferramenta. A versão 2.0.1 trouxe 11 correções a série estável 2.0.x que promoveu uma grande mudança com a adoção do Ruby on Rails 3.x.

Mudanças no Redmine 2.0.2
Defect #11032: Project list is not shown when "For any event on the selected projects only..." is selected on user edit panel
Defect #11038: "Create and continue" should preserve project, issue and activity when logging time
Defect #11046: Redmine.pm does not support "bind as user" ldap authentication
Defect #11051: reposman.rb fails in 1.4.2 because of missing require for rubygems
Defect #11085: Wiki start page can't be changed
Feature #11084: Update Rails to 3.2.5

Mudanças no Redmine 2.0.1
Defect #10923: After creating a new Version Redmine jumps back to "Information"
Defect #10932: Links to delete watchers are escaped when gravatars are enabled
Defect #10964: Updated column doesn't get updated on issues
Defect #10965: rake yard does not work for generating documentation.
Defect #10972: Columns selection not displayed on the custom query form
Defect #10991: My page > Spent time 'project' column is html-encoded
Defect #10996: Time zones lost when upgrading from Redmine 1.4 to 2.0
Defect #11013: Fetching Email from IMAP/POP3 - uninitialized constant RAILS_DEFAULT_LOGGER error
Defect #11024: redmine_plugin_model generator does not create the migration
Defect #11027: Saving new query without name causes escaping of input field
Defect #11028: Project identifier can be updated

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